Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My sweet Harrison,

I can't believe a year has passed. Today marks the day that I woke up, unsuspecting that this would be the day you entered our lives. Small, but perfect. I see you now, and how you've transformed into a "little boy". Not that four and a half pound baby we brought home fifty weeks ago nearly being sucked in by your car seat. I can still hear the beeping of the NICU as if it was yesterday. It seemed we'd never get out of there, but here we are.

You are napping right now. If you weren't, I'd be busy chasing you around the house, distracting you from the plants, the outlets, the cabinet doors, the dog crates, the trash can, the laundry, the liquor cabinet, the door stoppers, my cell phone, the blind cords, the modem, and the fireplace. But alas, you are asleep. A perfect twenty pound bundle of Babywise joy that Daddy and I never thought we could love more. But we do....every day. And even though you love using your three new teeth to bite us, and that you show a premature infatuation with wine, we love you immensely.

Your personality is bursting. You are such a good baby. Sweet, cuddly, predictable. Rarely, when I'm frustrated, I have to check myself, because I am realizing that we truly are the "mini-me's" of our parents. All your sly little quirks come straight from Daddy and I, and I couldn't be more amused. At the same time, I look up to the Heavens and I say, "I'm sorry, Mom. I never knew!" But Sweetheart, even your most devious moments are precious to us. Just last night we reprimanded you for tossing that delicious tomato on the floor because clearly you were done. As we both met you with a firm, "No Harrison", you put your head down and shook your head "no". Daddy and I said, "Right! Good boy! No!" Then you might as well have winked at us as you sent the next tomato down to the freshly mopped floors and clapped. I had to turn around to laugh. You are so coy...

You are discovering the world around you, you are so smart, and no stone is left unturned. You play basketball in the tub, sinking every one. You are the best cabinet opener and shutter I've ever seen. I swear, you do it with such precision. You are an expert navigator, and you travel at mach speed on those little red knees I like to kiss every night. You won't bother with walking, because that seems like too much trouble, and besides, you like to stay low and out of sight.

I am overwhelmed with love for you. Oh how my entire world is now centered around making yours as good as I can. I know, my boy, that I don't always do my best. Mommy is learning, too. And although I might make mistakes now and then, my love for you continues to grow and I will always have your best interest at heart. I can promise you that I will give you all my love, protection and devotion until the day I die.

We lost your grandpa this Thanksgiving, but have I got stories for you about how proud he was. The eight months he knew you were spent loving, praising, and doting on you. He was mostly proud that you look just like him! Just wait, I'll show you some day. Your grandpa lives right inside your heart as he does in mine, along with your grandma. You won't have any problem getting to know her though, because I'm the carbon copy. Lucky you!!

I anticipate a wonderful party for you on Saturday. We got you the Cake of All Cakes...I just hope you eat it! But chances are you'll want that tomato instead. I expect the next year will be as full of surprises and joys as this past year was, and I look forward with a taste of bittersweet to the changes we will see in you as you learn more about the joys of life. Guess I better stop cursing!

So again, Happy Birthday, Son. You couldn't be more precious or perfect in my eyes...and from what I'm learning, in everyone else's as well.

I love you,


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